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Last update: September 24th 2023

Indian food! Tasty and colorful options. Mostly chicken curries and food coloring, yet serves the point of relativity cheap and quick Indian food! Perfect for a quickie would def visit again.

Amazing concept / service, and a great variety of curries. Reasonably priced too!

Rice and 3 veg curries always a winner

This is a top-notch local restaurant you can experience in Manchester. Local British people keep coming in. The owner is very friendly and pleasant

The owner is friendly and the food is delicious!

Amazing lunch of dal, lamb n spinach and chicken tikka :D

food was so bussing and it’s such a cool little corner


1st time here, what I hear you cry, well it won’t be my last, quality food served and very reasonably priced only £10 for rice and 3 curries, 1 Roti and a bottle of water, where in the city centre can you get that, and we sat inside.

This place has been going years, there’s a different set of curries everyday so you can plan which day you want to visit.

Excellent food - perfect spicing, good quality - for amazing prices. Everything is good so it’s hard to recommend a particular dish - try it all!

It’s not about the atmosphere, it’s about a Manchester institution and good curry. The rice and three is good value and very tasty. Been coming for decade’s and will continue to.

AMAZING curry. Such good value. Thank you so much

Great food, happy service, great value.

i love it

It’s as good as I remember from years back. Very good price, quality and quantity. I wish the vegetarian options were better or at least better thought out (like not having two out of three vegetarian dishes being potatoes).

Love this place, the food is always amazing

As ever, amazing food Best value in town

Tasty cheap restaurant, location or decor should be overlooked if you want to go there

Literally the best-tasting curry in Manchester city center. Soup kitchen vibes get the rice and three. Never disappoints.

Uncles are fun, grandson over the top . One fo the few original Manc city centre Pak /Asian workers cafes left from the 80s still going, with a new audience of course. Changed with the times without losing too much, and keeping prices reasonable for home cooked style Pakistani food

A must go when you’re in Manchester. Generous plates of curries and rice for less than a tenner. Order a naan too and it still won’t make it over a tenner.

The curries aren’t life changing, but they have a real sense of comfort - as if your grandma cooked them for you. They provide freshly chopped chillies, onions, and coriander to help brighten your food up.

Daily changing menu, so come with a spontaneous spirit. Service was great too, very friendly and speedy. The dining room feels like you’re eating on someone’s living room - very cozy.

If you want affordable and tasty food, come here!

Best restaurant in Manchester! Delicious, clean and affordable prices

Fabulous hidden gem on Soap street tucked away down the alleylike near bus terminal in Manchester. Rice and 3, the way to go for the modern curry lover. Love this place. Fantastic food. Enjoy!!!

£6.50 for a rice and three curries. Can’t be beaten. Food is always 👌.

Great food every time, would 100% recommend.

Fantastic curries at a very reasonable price. Friendly service. 100% recommended.

Very good food

Really nice spot for a curry, very tasty no complaints from me.

Reasonable price, staff very kind let me try a dish I would never have chosen which turned out to be very tasty. The staff then later came around while we were eating and offered us a free fizzy drink.

Overall very happy with my food choice

They prepared a large order for a party. Food went down well, lots of comments on how nice the food was.

Simply b-e-a-ootiful.

This and That is a convenient, city center diner.

Reasonable prices, there’s a variety lunch menu to choose from even though I thoroughly prefer the lamb.

Nice staff, very chill atmosphere, good place to go for a grub.

Generous portions of unreal food for a great price served by some of the soundest people you’ll ever meet.

Absolutely 💯 amazing food also service really lovely vibe!!

Upon entry, it immediately becomes obvious that this iconic Indian eatery has a mystical quality. I was greeted by genuinely one of the most friendly fellows in the casual-Indian-food industry, who was more than happy to cure my decision paralysis by ordering me what he (correctly) thought I would like, and also tossed in a free garlic naan bread. This place is apparently famous for the competitively-priced and generously-portioned three curries-one rice deal, in which I most enjoyably partook. The setting is low-key and happy-coloured (which I would take any day over the dull, chic palate that most modern places seem to be adopting), and the long tables mean that you may have to seat yourself beside a stranger and overhear an intense discussion about their relationship issues with Kieran, who sounds like he probably just needs some space right now, but it’s not your place to say - just eat your three curries, carefully apportioning your supply of basmati rice, and run. The place was dotted with little groups of such voraciously chatting locals, and you may feel as if you wandered into a university cafeteria. Bonus points for the mural with the Bolton Wanderers emblem enlarged beside the other lesser-historied Manchester teams.

If you’re looking for no thrills, and a cheap and tasty meal that goes down easy, this is the place. Energetic bossman that always hooks me up with extras. A must-do for Manchester, whether it’s dinner or just lunch. Menu changes every day.

Full curries for under £7 and they’re absolutely delicious. Took 3 of us in here the other day and fed us all, with sides and a drink each for under £30. It’s a little bit basic, set out a bit like a school or work canteen, and the staff aren’t always overly friendly but what can you really say when you’re eating that well for that cheap.

Brilliant value for money food.

Very nice food and service

Best curry in Manchester

Found this place by just walking past and smelling curry. So I gave it a go. It’s set in a side street, a bit unpleasant at first, but it serves it purpose. If you want curry in a hurry and a fair price with that homemade taste, then it’s a great little spot. Various ranges of meat and veg curries are available depending on which day you go in. We had the 2 meat and 1 veg option with 2 roti and a can of coke. Cost £17.50 and it totally filled us up for the day. Give it a go, it’s different.

Best food I had outside India!

Best place for currys in Manchester


This and That, an unassuming little place down a side street, full of curry delights. A dish of rice and a choice of meats and vegetarian options. Cheap, yes; tasty, absolutely. Get the timing wrong and you find yourself queuing.

This little cafe is a great place for lunch. Get a traditional Manchester Rice n Three (rice with these curries) for £6-7.

Card payments accepted, very convenient. Great food.

Great food, friendly service and incredible value!

Great value, good atmosphere

Don’t worry too much about the atmosphere.. food is great… Simple.. and straight forward

I’ve just decided I’m having it for my tea tonight .

The best Indian in Manchester hands down

Loved it, great place and atmosphere

I stopped here earlier to fill my belly on the way to the airport.

The food was absolutely fantastic, better than my local takeaway which I rate highly.

Best hidden gem Indian food !! Such a good deal with massive portions :)

Consistently marvellous

Nice food, good value. The three curry and rice option, is well worth trying if you visit Manchester.

If you find yourself in Manchester and have a craving for delectable Indian cuisine, look no further than the remarkable Indian restaurant located near the city centre. This culinary gem offers a delightful array of food options and promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Upon stepping into the restaurant, one is greeted with a warm and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for an exceptional meal. The menu boasts a wide range of traditional Indian dishes, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate. From aromatic curries to succulent tandoori delights, the restaurant excels in serving up an extensive selection of north Indian delicacies.

The food itself is nothing short of extraordinary. Each dish bursts with authentic flavors and spices, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of India. The chefs masterfully prepare every meal with utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in a taste that is both delicious and satisfying. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, the menu caters to all dietary preferences, offering a plethora of options that are guaranteed to please.

What truly sets this Indian restaurant apart is its commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. The attentive and friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel welcomed and well-cared for. The service is prompt and efficient, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

It’s such a great service for me,,,, their food was very delicious 😋

This doesn’t look great but don’t judge a book by its cover This place is amazing!!! I’ve been 10+ times and every time I go it gets better and better. Best curry house in Manchester

My go-to for quick, delicious and cheap curry. Must do in Manchester. Also the mango lassi is to die for

A hidden gem! The food is fresh and delicious and excellent value.

I love this place more than I love my own family. the food is delicious and fresh everytime, it’s the most affordable and tastiest curry in manchester. in my opinion friday is the best day to visit.

Very rich curry, very curious place.

Superb Indian Cafe! Quite basic inside and out but food and prices cannot be beaten!

vegetarian and meat curries this is the place

Don’t ask questions - just go

If you’re looking for a cracking curry at good value… this is the place.

A good range of selection which all exceeded expectation and perfect to go with a group.

Few quotes from the lads after:

“Still can’t get my head round how unreal that gaff was”

“Never judge a book by its cover”

“That is a place that knows how to curry”

Best indian food I’ve eaten. Practical and delicious. God bless. Too bad I don’t live in the city. Came here everyday to eat while i was here.

so good~

Simply, Fantastic !!!

Came here on a flying visit to Manchester after seeing a review vlog by the MacMaster. Both my friends & I were blown away by the fabulous delicious home cooked food, friendly hospitable service, great value for money & basic but relaxed dining experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the This & That & next time in Manchester this is definately where I will be dining. Although different from the restaurant food most folk will be used to, I have to say that this traditional home cooked buffet style dining is in every way preferable to me,, it is proper indian food, just as it should be & I cannot wait to go back.

Thank you to all at the This & That,,,, it was way beyond my expectations 👍🤗

First time visiting this & that .. went to have lunch tried the rice and three.. the curries were absolutely delicious also the seek kebabs were nice as well..there is an element of authenticity about it.. the people in there really good and generous.. would visit again.. recommend to everyone budget friendly..

Went looking for a good Indian restaurant in Manchester and after reading some reviews and looking around settled on This and That. Was not disappointed, the food was excellent and quick with cheap prices. As well the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Will definitely be attending again soon.

Located in a small alleyway, this restaurant is the ultimate fast food.

As a first timer it was a bit confusing to order, basically choose 3 types of curries/dishes and each day there’s a specific selection. Price would differentiate based on how many “meat” dishes you ordered.

Delicious and cheap but with authentic flavors. Lunch hours gets pretty crowded and chaotic so recommendation to come early or later for a more relaxing dining experience

Awesome place, awesome food! Have been going here for years! Eat in and take out are both worth it :-)

Great food but can be very busy at lunchtime.

Great food and the people who run it are amazing. Highly recommend it

Very rustic simple joint… Great spot

Fresh nice tasty, no fuss meals great prices..

Really enjoy this spot, simple - just walk in pick out what you want and there you go a hot plate with good food!

Can’t wait to visit again - so tasty, great service & amazing value. Superb 🥳 …

Unbelievable value and the curry is so good. The staff were so friendly and generous. If you’re in Manchester, this place is a must go.

Amazing Indian curry!! Must eat if you’re visiting Manchester!!

Tasty food, good atmosphere, been open for a long time for a reason!

This place is a hidden gem! Definitely pay a visit if you can find it, such good value for money and lovely staff! Veggie options are also so tasty (£6 for a veggie meal) and portion sizes are great.

Can’t imagine a Manchester without This & That, been coming here years and it’s always been great. No nonsense, just brilliant quality traditional Indian food at an extremely generous price point. When after lunch or dinner in the city, for me the first choice is always here.

Amazing…experience! Delicious food at unbeatable prices. Staff friendly and very helpful.

My partners favourite,I like it too as I love curry 🍛! Coriander is fab for your health too, heavy metal detoxification 😁

Delicious as always. Very friendly.

It’s a classic! Easily the best curry in central Manchester. Go on a Tuesday and check out the cabbage curry. Also great vegan options. Excellent chapati too.

Update: For the loss of the traditional This & That experience, I am now taking one star off: Tap water in jugs is no longer provided, which was the basis of a spirit of generosity that permeated the place for decades. They will give you a glass of water if you ask, but that’s not the same.

This place is quality. Great food and atmosphere. Was in Manchester for the weekend and went twice!

Been a customer for 20 yrs. Amazing food. Esp nihari on a sunday

Very good experience. Very good and inexpensive!

Amazing food always the best curry in Manchester. Shout out to Mo always so accommodating. Little gem this place is.

A unique experience. Great street food but don’t expect any frills!

Food here has always been great. Visited lots of times over the years and is always our go to lunch spot whenever in Manchester

Great food at fair prices. We love this restaurant and always go there when in Manchester.

Great food good position

A Manchester institution, been coming here for over 15 years and never once had a bad meal. Just consistently fantastic food, simple and effective, no messing about. Eating in or taking away, love it.

Great for a quick cheap curry, no frills but consistently good food. A Manchester institution.

Great value rice & 3.

Excellent Indian restaurant offering a wide range of curries which rotate on a daily basis , the 3 meat curry’s menu option is great as you can experience several great tasting curries All for a fantastic price point , Extras such as samosas and naan breads are also available which also taste great. Plenty of seating and in summer out door seating is available, don’t be decided by the location of the restaurant as the place is a complete gem , To conclude you won’t find a better value Indian meal anywhere in the Uk!

Excellent Indian food

The food will never disappoint you. The food has been amazing for decades.

Great place, tooked away but well worth a visit. Not a lot of frills but the food is fantastic.

not visited Manchester til you’ve had a rice n three from this place xx hehe

Really tasty Tika Masala and rice with 2 sodas for £11. Outstanding.

This is the place I most love to eat when visiting Manchester. No frills. Just delicious food at a great price. I shouldn’t be telling you this. I don’t want it getting too popular.

Friendly staff and lovely food

Really incredible Indian food. Nothing fancy, but fast, delicious, filling, and very affordable! 3 delicious currys and a plate of rice for 8 pounds.

Cannot recommend enough if you are here. Definitely a hidden gem 💎

Good food quality and service.

Outstanding hidden gem in the middle of Manchester Town centre Good original cuisine Very popular and always busy Service

Been going here for 20+ years and it’s always been bang on every time! Authentic Asian homemade currys ❤️

Good portion, inexpensive and tasty :) very good

Top place for cheap eats good flavour

Best place to eat in manchester 10/10 👌🏼 …

Amazing little place. Cheap with quality food and service

Lovely food. Big portions (to share) Tasty and well priced. Would definitely recommend :)

Food was amazing. Prices are reasonable. Didn’t even know about this place been going since 1984. Will definitely be going again. Would also recommend this place 10/10

Exceptional food, great prices and even better staff. My favourite spot to grab dinner in NQ - they don’t make curries like this in Toronto.

Really friendly and amazing food

Cannot speak more highly of this place and the owners. Went after hearing nothing but good things about “Manchester’s hidden gem” which boats the best curry in town. Blown away by not just the quality of the food, but how nice the owners were. After hearing it was my first UK curry experience, they were kind enough to give me extras to try, letting me experience it all.

Didn’t want to post this review because I want to keep it all to myself but it’s a must visit in Manchester for food, atmosphere, and just good people

i loved it so much! clean place, warm staff and DELICIOUS food. will definitely be going back often :)) a very wholesome and hearty meal

The best nehari I have ever had . always on point and never disappoints

Absolutely perfect as usual. Yummy

This place is always incredible. Love the food, the ambiance, the staff, the other diners. It’s awesome. I come back as often as I can. You should too.

Great service and food

We love it, it’s a big plate and you can combine it!!! Rice base and 3 types of meat. very rich

This place is really special - and one of the 10 oldest restaurants in Manchester.

Delicious, inexpensive, great place to grab lunch, even if you are in a hurry.

Absolutely banging food. Great price and super fast service. Really glad to have found it. Definitely will be returning here. I’d urge you to do the same!

I love you, always & forever

My go to place for curry in Manchester. It’s tasty, it’s quick, it’s all you can ask for. Great variety and menu that changes daily. The staff is always pleasant to deal with, and the quality never disappoints. A truly hidden gem.

Definition of a hidden gem, tucked away in a backstreet, gorgeous authentic curries for a very reasonable price in a canteen style place, perfect place to stop on your lunch break

Fantastic little spot off the beaten track for amazingly delicious and extremely well-priced food. When we followed the directions to find this place we thought we may have been lost since the entrance is in a little alleyway behind another restaurant. But we smelled the amazing food so we walked a little further and found the entrance. The menu is on the wall with all of the amazing choices that are offered on each day of the week. We ended up sharing because we only had 10 pounds and it’s cash only. The staff were very friendly, the food was delicious, and the prices were more than fair. We will definitely be returning!

Used to come here for a bi-weekly lunch treat with my colleagues. Absolutely delicious curries, friendly staff and good atmosphere in general. Sets you up for the rest of the day nicely👌🏻

Excellent, excellent indian food!

Doesn’t look much from outside but wow this food is amazin. Got tikka massala, lamb spinach bombay potatoes an rice. Was absolutely beautiful can’t say anything bad about this place. I’ll be visiting every time I’m in Manchester. Also very clean inside including bathrooms. 👌

Fast service, great food, great price. Just a great place all round.

Best curry’s in Manchester

The hype is real - great place for rustic home-style curries.

It was so so so so so amazing. Delicious unpretentious food and very warm people.

Spot on

Always great

Great value fast food.

Really lovely food, just the right amount of spice and chilli heat and the service was so friendly - they kept offering us extra food and chatted about football. 100pc recommend!

Great curries, great service! 100% will be coming back to this place. Easy to miss. But what a find it was! You NEED to try this place if you want a no frills excellent meal.

Been eating here for many many years excellent service excellent food highly recommended

A great Manchester Institution! Serving inexpensive meals to city office workers for more years then many wish to remember. Eating here has become a ‘rights of passage’ for many. Handy for the Arndale & Northen Quarter.

Don’t be put off by the front entrance, this is truly a hidden gem! The food is superb and riduculously good value!!! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Great curry, good prices, super chill atmosphere. Good place to pit stop or escape.

Great food and cheap

Halal, cheap and large portion

Amazing Indian restaurant tucked away in the Northern Quarter. The outside is quite unassuming and down an alley which, at night, can be scary and uninviting. However, once you get inside you’re greeted with welcoming faces and delicious smelling food. It has a very informal canteen style atmosphere where you order at the front and find yourself a seat on a bench after.

The menu changes every day (look at the website for what’s on that day) and the prices are very reasonable considering the portions are generous. I had rice with 2 meat and 1 veg, all of which was absolutely delicious! I was very full by the end of it.

Even on a Tuesday it can be busy at lunch so I’d recommend going early, but people finish quickly so getting a seat isn’t difficult.

Will definitely be back to try the menu on other days.

Good food at a reasonable price and quick service

Hidden gem. Just eat what the give you.

Always extra tasty

There are no airs and graces with this place, and that’s part of its charm! The food is more thrown out than served, but it’s very tasty and there is a good choice. It’s ready as soon as you walk in so no waiting. £8 for rice & 3 with chapati is a little steep, but it’s the city centre! Not somewhere you’d go on a date, but great on your own or for a small group who want good food fast.

Best curry in Manchester. Amazing portions, amazing prices, amazing flavours. Great veggie options. A must when visiting Manchester.

Fabulous hidden gem in the Northern quarter. Proper Asian cuisine, and cheap as chips!

Loved it. Food was very tasty 3 X meat curries and rice under £11. Definitely worth a visit.

Nice traditional food. Like home cooking!

Delicious curry, probably the best in Manchester, naan bread was excellent fluffy tasty better than the ones you get from takeaway restaurants.

Great value, tasty food with plenty of variety at a hole in the wall establishment and friendly service from the owner!

The oldest and one of the best Pakistani restaurants in city centre Manchester.

Excellent vegetarian meal Very affordable Tasty Friendly service

This has been on my radar for some time, so when unexpectedly in Manchester and my wife wanted to get a cheap meal, I suggested we try here.

My wife wasn’t overly impressed, as she didn’t like the café style surroundings, down a dodgy looking ally.

As for me, I thought £8 for the rice and three meat curries was excellent value and for the price, the quality of the food and the taste was excellent. Will definitely return, but will bring my friends instead.

Great value and delicious curries, with the best onion bhajis ever! Manchester’s best kept secret.

Three different types of tender lamb curry on a bed of rice, all for £8.00, heaven! Basic interior but that doesn’t matter when the food tastes so good

“A hole in the wall”, a very primitive restaurant, but with delicious Indian food. Friendly staff and customers.

Great value curry and rice

Very nice atmosphere and very tasty food at an affordable price. Service with a smile. I am glad my friend took me there “This & That” really is a hidden gem in Manchester.

The great value food! Always love to eat here..

Best curry in Manchester by far, food is amazing. Staff are so friendly and nice, gave us free food to try because it was our first time there. And it’s so cheap! Especially for inner city. New favourite place!

(Translated by Google) This and That is a little Indian gem in the middle of the Northern Quarter. Inconspicuously located in a small, dark cul-de-sac and neither decorative nor inviting on the inside. But almost all the tables were occupied and the guests looked happy. Each day there is a selection of different vegetarian curries and some with meat. You can either choose one curry or you can choose two or three. The cost was like nowhere else in Manchester - between £6.50 and £7.50 for a full plate. It doesn’t look nice in the photos, but it tastes incredibly good and homemade.

Ok, it’s not posh, it’s basic but the food is fab! Great value for money, great authentic curries.. and you get rice and a choice of 3 different curries to go with it, with a great selection too.. love coming here when in Manny.

Great place for a quick lunch. Good value.

Best curry in town, no question

Visited this gem of a place after reading the great reviews and yes - those were absolutely justified. Great homely Indian food for a valuable price. Highly recommended.

Top food and well priced

Hidden gem in Manchester!

Great value and approachable family running the restaurant. Highly recommend.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest curry house in Manchester.

Great service by Shoyab. Very friendly and always happy to help.

The food is absolutely amazing here. Especially the nihari on Sundays. It’s the best you’ll get in Manchester. Highly recommend it to anyone in the city centre on a Sunday to try it.

Good cheap food. If you need a good cheap warm meal, this will fill you up. Not a fancy place, but nice food.

V V tasty

Listen, you don’t go there to sit fancy and enjoy the ambience. You go there to get tasty authentic food and a service that lives up to its origin country. Loved it. Prices are cheaper, food is fresh and varies daily. Simply great.

Got this tip from a local Indian, cheap but tasty Indian food. Yum!

Very good and rich taste of food. One of the few places, where you can find such flavourful food. All the curies are really good. In the heart of Manchester, almost in the middle of City Center, next to the Manchester Arndale, but still some times hard to find, Manchester’s Hidden Gem for many reasons. There three cury snd rice is something in which you can get different flavours, spices and a mix of veg and meat. So, what else you can ask for in a single meal in such a reasonable price. You are going to find such good food, in a place you least expected. What else you can ask for. And it is there for decades since 1984. Highly recommended if you like to have authentic Indian/desi food.

The food is good , is more for those who like spicy food

You will be pleasantly surprised by the taste…..great food - don’t be put off by the bench seating,😁!

Located in a sus alley, there’s a good chance you’ll walk by this place if you aren’t looking for it. For £7, you get 3 curries & rice at a pretty generous portion. Shoutout to the rice, not sure what they do to make it but it was really good. Curries change everyday but you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices, just pick the ones that look interesting to you. Definitely recommend adding a mountain of onions like I do. Seating is small and the place feels cramped, but adds to the ambience in my opinion. One improvement I’d like to see is for them to be a bit more generous with the protein, but otherwise, a staple in my list of places to eat in Manchester👍

A hidden treasure - Quite literally! The place is hidden in a rundown alley of Manchester and with construction work around it’s tougher to locate this place but once you find the treasure, you are in for a treat. It’s a must try place of people who want to enjoy Pakistani cuisine on a budget.

Value: Super cheap! My rice and 3 curries along with Diet Coke costed me 9 quid. That’s it. The portion size is big so you aren’t paying a bomb for bite size plates.

Location: Heart of the city yet quite secluded. A 3 minutes walk from Arndale, as mentioned earlier, this place is hidden. The walk to this place may look all dingy but this is most of the hidden places in Manchester alleys!

Food: They have a set menu where you have option to pick 3 out of almost 6-8 curries. You have chicken, lamb and vegetarian/ vegan options as well. On top of that you can pay more for starters (mostly samosa and bhajiyas) and soft drink.

Service : The staff is friendly and welcoming. A canteen/mess feel to the place.

Advice to management: A little more on hygiene will be great like adding gloves and hair caps but overall great.

A must visit especially a steal during these times of high inflated market with rising cost of living.

Cheep and cheerful. Great food, self serve and quick. I always love coming here for a lunch. Veggie options are delicious.

The owner of the local was very pleasant, helped us to decide what to choose and treated us with a smile. He even asked later on if we were full and if everything was good. I really recommend this place because the food is delicious and it’s quite cheap while getting full. We order two plates: 1/ rice, daal, potatoes and chicken chaana; 2/ rice, daal and chicken tikka masala. Plus garlic naan and a coke. Everything for £15. I will repeat in case of coming back to Manchester.

Always amazing. Great value, great quality. Onion bhaji are the best.

Superb curry and naan bread

Delicious Indian Curries 👌🏻 Highly Recommended

Good food, friendly staff, and quick service! Best keema naan & daal on the planet!

Small and community canteen-style place. The menu on the wall is pretty straightforward; sorted by the type of dish like rice with how many curries, a selection of curry depending on the day you visit, and sundries like naan bread and samosas.

We ordered Rice and 3 meats (£8) and two meat samosa (£1.50 each). Decent portion size at a reasonable price being in the city centre. Curries were flavoursome. Samosas were ok - a lot of potatoes than meat.

The only negative for me was that everything was served lukewarm not hot in temperature.

I love this place and don’t get to go as often as I’d like, three different curry’s and rice great value for money and very tasty. Different choice of curry’s every day

Very good food coupled with good value. A true gem in the Manchester scene with friendly staff and service

The lunch was best for all!!!

Well if you are visitor or a local of manchester and you dont know this place. Then I must say you haven’t researched the places to eat in Manchester. If you read the reviews on trip advisor you will know what I mean. Place has been refurbished in the last year. They serve set items on set days. Their Dhal curry served on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays is my personal favorite. My friends who visit me from reading and Leeds love it as well.

One of my favourite places to eat in the whole world. £6.50 for some of the nicest food I’ve ever eaten. No trip to Manchester is complete without a visit to This & That.

So so good :)

This is a great little hidden gem of the Northern Quarter. Especially if you are on a budget and want a quality curry with veggie options always available. 👌

Fantastic food, service, value for money

(Translated by Google) This small Indian restaurant offers quality cuisine at very affordable prices. Does not serve alcohol. Large tables, we set our table. It’s atypical, that’s its charm. To discover

Was a regular here for many years - good quality home cooked style Indian food at a reasonable price.

Best Curry Canteen on the planet

The best ,simple , affordable delicious sexy food that you will not taste anywhere else in the North West.

Friendly welcoming staff, Lovely food as always. Would highly recommend 👌

The best hands down

The food here is so tasty! The street looks like you should just walk past it, you will be missing out on delicious indian food if you do. Enjoy.

Three different types of tender lamb curry on a bed of rice, all for £8.00, heaven! Basic interior but that doesn’t matter when the food tastes so good

A popular Indian restaurant worth trying and cheap 👌

I Love this place ! It is Indeed a true hidden Gem in Manchester ! £8 pound for rice and 3 meat currys, they have a great selection everyday there are many vegetarian options too. Very authentic and exceedingly tasty ! You can also pick up freshly made sundries and Onion bhajis for cheap. You have to give this Gem a try !

Cheap and delicious. My fab place in MCR.

Always decent.

Amazing curries!

I haven’t been to this place is years since I moved out of the country, but I constsntly think of this place and how amazing the food was. If I ever fly back it’s because of this place.

One of Best gems in Manchester

(Translated by Google) Simple ambience with great cuisine and a small price. Highly recommended!

an absolutely delicious hidden gem of Manchester. affordable and authentic food with really big portions!

I wanted a curry while in Manchester for a few days with a mate. Not gonna lie, don’t know the area. Read some reviews and found this place. Food was great, good portions for eat in and take out. The guys in there were friendly. Different selections of food each day. Mango lassi is awesome. Outside communal seating in the street only adds to the experience. Recommended.


Incredible, some of the best curry I have ever had

Nice authentic little spot, great value for money

Awesome and cheap curry house. Delicious curry deals for a great price. Always a favourite when I’m in the centre


veeery good food, a little spicy and very nice staff, loved it

Great Food, for a fair prince. would recommend

Brilliant place. Incredibly tasty curry, sold as Rice and 3 different curry’s from a choice of 6 or 7. Really lovely staff, I’m not sure I’ll ever eat anywhere else in Manchester again! My wife and I had curry, rice, naan and a drink for less than £20. Amazing.

Picture doesn’t do it justice. I have been visiting this place for 15 years and has been probably the most consistently good food place I have ever been to.

A hidden Manchester secret. Cheap curry with great taste

Amazing authentic food, great little gem in Manchester!

(Translated by Google) Very simply furnished restaurant with incredibly good food and friendly staff. We ate there several times during our stay in Manchester and it was always good. Clear recommendation

Popular for a reason. Accepts card too.

Fun little place. Great Indian food, cheap with free yogurt and opens till 8pm everyday.


(Translated by Google) Very tasty and good prices. Don’t let the outward appearance fool you here. The decor is rustic and simple - but this is about the food. And that is highly recommended. Value for money - is very good.

We had a great experience. Kids very welcome. They even got rice and Naan Bread because the lovely Curries where a bit hot for them.

Excellent food been going there since 1980s.

Visited first time today, I had the 3 Curries, rice and a nan bread, big portion and the best curry I have tasted. Nice and clean place and helpful staff. Will definitely be back.

Quick, delicious and friendly!

The fact that it’s so cheap is just blimmin fantastic!

Excellent food, reasonably priced, recommended by a local. So good! I would eat here again!

The hype is real - great place for rustic home-style curries.

Excellent food and fast friendly service every single time! I could happily eat there every day.

Best curry in Manchester for under 7 quid.

Does what it says on the tin - cheap and tasty curry for a quick lunch.

Biryani was awesome today 👏

Best Indian restaurant in manchester a true hidden gem 💎

Located in the Northern Quarter down a back alley, This & That is a family ran business which was established in 1984. They offer a huge choice of curries, meat, veg and vegan options with a different choice Monday to Sunday.

All their food is homemade and prepared using fresh whole spices for an authentic taste and maximum flavour.

How the menu works: vegan Rice & 3 Veg: £4.50

Rice & 1 Meat & 2 Veg: £5.00

Rice & 2 Veg & 1 Karai: £5.50

Rice & 2 Meat & 1 Veg: £6.00

Rice & 3 Meat: £6.50 (+50p on Sun)

We went on a Sunday, you join the queue, very much canteen style, pick your 3 dishes, add any drinks or sundries and you’re done! It’s as simple as that. Service is friendly, food is tasty and portions are perfect. It really is one of Manchester’s hidden Gems and without any of this IG fuss. They don’t even have IG 😎

If you really haven’t tried This and That then you should consider going. You definitely won’t be disappointed. We paid £17 including drinks & naan.

The definition of a fast food, if you are hungry and want cheap good food that you don’t have to wait for, try this place.

Good food, good prices, nice staff

One of the best places to eat on the cheap in Manchester. Large portions and great curry, I go all the time.

Arguably the best curry I’ve ever had. Phenomenal value for money too! Thank you, This & That, from your new South African friend.

Absolutely fantastic. Best Indian food me and my American fiancé have ever eaten.

Good desi food in city centre. We enjoyed the yummy food

A no frills canteen style curry house run by friendly owners. The rice and three meat curries is so tasty and great value at £6.50.

If you like a meal with rice and curry from the Indian subcontinent with an influence of local cuisine ,then this place you should visit which is cheap and tasty. This place is a very simple, small eatery. They are serving rice and good non veg curries with naan since 1984. Thanks

A rather inauspicious entrance - to put it mildly, but good cheap food….. served a little like traditional school lunches. A bargain at £6 for 3 x curries and rice (even if thrown onto plates)

An absolute MUST try in Manchester, incredible food for an incredible price. You will not regret it

Garlic naan, lamb, mango lassi, I left the airport to eat here before catching a flight in a few hours because of the great reviews I heard about here. I admire his us of a walkie talkie!

Best rice and three in Manchester, the staff some how recognised my dad even though he hadnt been in for 15 years due to moving away to live in Ireland.

Great as always. The Sunday Special ‘Nihari’ (curry) was lovely.

Place a little hidden but i mean i was looking for a hidden Gem 💎 anyways 🤣 . FOOD IS FANTASTIC portion is a good size (if you never went there, start with the rice and 3 meat curry- red chicken,tikka, green lamb) , a bit busy (I’m wondering why 😅) did i mention food is amazing!? 💯% Recommended❣️

A very good place where you can get Indian food for a reasonable price. It’s more like a canteen than a restaurant. They offer both dine in and take away service. The food provided was tasty and the quantity was decent for the price. Will definitely recommend it to others.

Good food at cheap price,

Fabulous food at a good price

Everything in the menu is tasty. Fast service, reasonable price, good taste, easy dine in.

Lovely place

Honestly just perfect - no fuss, incredible value good food.

Happy we discovered this place! Although it seems like everybody had done it before us! 🤣 The food is truly delicious, home cooked, with a daily variety & the prices can’t be beaten!

One of Manchester’s best curry! I’m from Malaysia and there’s no shortages of good curry around town but this place ranks as one of my top 3 in the world for good honest cheapest and delicious curry with rice. Good portions too!

Very traditional Indian food. And very cheap. All the food was excellent.

(Translated by Google) Delicious Indian food in an informal atmosphere. They give you a plate with rice and 3 curries to choose from. Each plate 6 pounds It’s a bit scary to walk around there but it’s worth it.

Called in today - it really is hidden away! Worth seeking it out - had a gorgeous meal each, garlic naan and onion bhaji and a drink, for less than the cost of a Maccies. Can’t wait to visit again. Thankyou.

Great lunch, highly recommend. Cantina style Indian , absolutely going back

A taste of real Indian food. Expect no frills but an authentic feel and delicious food. As for the price, this must be the best deal in town, a plate of rice and three curries for as little as £4.50, bargain!!

Fantastic place to eat some delicious Indian food. Came here on a recommendation and I’m so glad we did. I had the Keema (which was amazing), Chicken Tikka and the potatoe and cauliflower and an onion bhaji on the side. All very tasty and it really is worth a visit you are nearby. Lastly the staff/owners were very friendly and were super welcoming even though they were rushed off their feet!

Great food at reasonable price.

Love this place. Great family run business. Friendly. Great food. Does the job!

Always amazing. Cabbage Tuesday rules. Took a colleague from Pune this week and he gave it the thumbs up. I am veggie and there are not many places as good for a veggie lunch in Manchester. Especially not as good in terms of value for money

A really good place to get Indian food at a good price in Manchester. They have different dishes everyday for you to choose from.

I ordered the Lamb Nehari, Keema (minced meat) and Chana (Chick Peas) to go with my rice. Personally I love their Lamb Nehari the most as the lamb is so soft and just wonderful.

I also highly recommend ordering the Mango Lassi. It is a mango flavored yoghurt drink priced at only £1. It goes well with the meal.

Iconic and best 3 rice and curry eatery hands down. Lovely food and lovely people.

Great home made Indian food, simple and tasty

Quality food at a fair price

Absolutely stunning great curries at a great price and a warm and friendly welcome and experience what’s not to like

Without doubt the best curry I have ever had! Do yourself a favour and indulge, delicious!

Can’t fault this place at all. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s extremely popular and I took notice of the clientele to whom this place serves. There were people who were obviously office workers, construction workers, people who were eating before a night out and people who lived locally. I could go on… The atmosphere is so friendly, as are the staff. Very well organised and the owner was very astute and was very apt at serving and treating people from all walks of life with an air of humanity that made it a warm environment; brought people together. I took some photos a couple of weeks back and he came out, invited me in and made me feel welcome with an offer of some food. He said I could take some photos inside the premises - which I did. I asked a few of the customers what they thought and they all said it was a great place and that the food spoke for itself. I told the owner I’d be back and I took my friend with me. The set up is a series of benches and tables, reminiscent of a School dining hall, with little decor but don’t let that put you off. I thought at first that the portions were a bit small but I was fooled. You get a healthy portion and we were given what we left - which was pretty much a full third meal. The place is hidden down a side street and you’d wonder how it would thrive as a business but as you can see from my review, that’s how it advertises itself. It certainly ‘is’ a hidden gem in a busy part of The Northern Quarter, Manchester. It’s a takeaway too and I noticed a lot of people using it as such. What I would say, is if you want a five star candlelit romantic dinner, then this isn’t the place for you - but if you want Indian food and a humble but warm environment, then this is your place. The food does speak for itself by the way. I personally couldn’t fault this place and as a regular Manchester Photographer, I’ll always stick my neck out to advertise this place 😁

Extremely friendly staff, the curry is delicious, you cant find a price like this anywhere else. The naan was exceptional :) will be coming back… probably multiple times a week

Very nice place The food tastes very nice

If you are looking for authentic curry for lunch this is the place to go. Although it does not look like the fanciest of places, the good is very tasty and well priced.

This is a great place to get a plate of filling yummy curry at a great price. The staff are very welcoming, recommended.

Absolutely fabulous! From the moment my friend and I walked in we were greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. It was nearly closing time but that was not a problem to them at all. We explained we had never been before and the lovely gentleman kindly said what they had to offer which was lamb mine curry, vegetable curry and chicken curry…… yes please! A younger gentleman with a huge smile said, please sit down ladies and we’ll bring it over. Quickly or Our food arrived again with a huge smile from a friendly chap who asked if we would like any breads with our food, again yes please! Now I’m from Bradford known as the curry capital and I’ve eaten many, many curries from back street curries to Mumtaz and this was what I like to call an authentic curry. So full of flavour, just delicious and at £7.50, well you can’t beat it. So please 🙏🏽 pop in for the warmest of welcomes and leave with the fullest of tummies and you will not be disappointed.

Good food. Cozy atmosphere

Best food ever been going for 30 years.

Lovely authentic food.

This place is mint. Swear down.

You will probably think you turned down the wrong way and then you notice the door and in you go into a Manchester gem. Probably the best curry you will manage to find in the Northern Quarter if not the whole of Manchester. If you are visiting this has to be on your list. If you live here and haven’t been, what’s up with you? Go! Food is delicious, service is amazing and you will be shocked at the price. Well worth the money.

Had a great meal here this evening. Staff really friendly, place has great flavor and great vibes! Very good value for money! Will definitely be back. Thanks again

Cheap, quick, very tasty. Big portions. Long communal tables.

An institution, dont live your life without ever visiting

Good quality food at very reasonable rates. Had 3 curries - chicken tikka masala, mutton kheema and potato cauliflower curry with rice and finished with mango lassi. There was a lot of flavour in curries! Could taste different kinds of spices but not spicy at all. Mutton kheema was really good and Mango lassi was perfect for a sweet and cool drink after a satisfying meal !! One plate of 3 curry and rice with Lassi was filling for 2 people!

Quick, tasty hot food👏🏾 what more could you want!

Visited here with my partner for food after shopping around town. We’d seen a lot of positive reviews and we both love curries so thought why not. It was quite busy inside once we arrived but we found a table fairly quickly. The decor isn’t up market but for the price of the meal, you can’t expect the ritz. Customer service was fair and quick too.

Now let’s talk food! The curries weren’t spicy enough for our taste, but they do have a self help onion, chilli and coriander bowel next to the till if you want to add more spice and flavouring. The lamb was really good and so was the chicken. Portions were big with a huge serving of rice underneath the curries. We also ordered vegetable samosas which were really good. However the garlic naan we ordered tasted funny with an artificial bright yellow colouring to it. We wouldn’t order it again and will opt for a plain naan.

Overall it’s definitely my new go to curry spot after a busy day of shopping or work. It’s perfect solo, with a partner or with friends. There’s something for everyone.

Wonderful remembering india

Absolutely legendary place - never disappoints, top quality curry.

Amazing cheap food

The best curry place in Northern Quarter and, possibly, in town. Must not be missed.

A great Manchester Institution! Serving inexpensive meals to city office workers for more years then many wish to remember. Eating here has become a ‘rights of passage’ for many. Handy for the Arndale & Northen Quarter.

Best Indian food in Manchester

One of my favourite rice and 3 curry places in the NQ. Amazing value and authentic.

Love this place, the food is amazing

Seriously just try this place for yourself an I promise you, there will be no disappointment that day. It will be filled with Joy & Delight!

Fantastic food at a reasonable price.

No frills greatness

Great value for money and lovely food

Amazing curry for a good price! Came here recently returning as a meat eater and it was so good (previously only ate Vege options which are really good). Simple set up with a family/ local vibe. If you are missing Asian style curry this is one of the best places to go in the city.

Perfection on a plate.

Mad munch

Great quality food at a cheap price.

Great curry. Shame they dont provide jugs of water on the tables anymore. Have to buy bottled if you want a drink

Wow. Dank food, when they brought dusky on it took it to another level.

Always a large selection of curries….at affordable price. Well established.

Great tasting food and fantastic value.

Always been a fan since 2017. I get straight here when I’m home sick thats how good the food and vibe is 🔥

Fantastic as always, dropped in Saturday evening with our daughters, we wanted to introduce one of their boyfriends to the delight that is our favourite place to eat in Manchester. See you all again soon.

Delicious food and good value.


Surely the best hidden gem in Manchester. You can get a great hot plate of food instantly and it’s such good value.

Great food still

Wonderful staff, great value for money. Really enjoyed the food, the naan was one of the best I’ve had. Hope to be back soon!

Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Love this place ❤

Tried this place for the first time tonight after my partner raves about it and was honestly pleasantly surprised. I got the 2 meat and veg with a side of garlic naan and veg samosas. Good portion size and food was delicious. Will be definitely heading back to this little gem very soon.

Good Indian food

Amazing food and instant service. A real gem

Nice little place with a very basic setup and offerings. Food is good, and the clientele seem like a melting pot of cultures and classes. Not fine dining by a long mile, budget friendly basic ‘mess’ like place.

Been going to this and that off and on for 42 years. Never had a problem with the staff or the food, I’ve took several people over the years and they are all still going in when they are on Manchester. Keep it up fella’s.

Definitely a hidden Manchester gem.

Excellent place for you to be able to get a meal….. fantastic food

Fantastic tasty food.Just what l needed on a cold day. Curries are amazing.The staff are very nice.

It’s the best. Don’t tell anyone please :)

Best Indian food I’ve tasted outside of my home country, Malaysia. And the price is sooooo reasonable! During our second visit, they even offered us the mango lassi and mineral water for free. My friend got samosas for free as well! Such good hospitality and most importantly, good food!

Brilliant and great value.

Absolutely awesome food. Fresh and healthy. Would recommend any deshi(desi) people trying to find an unpretentious curry place that tastes gopd and budget-friendly.

Pro-tip: Chicken Masala and Spinach are spot on!

Best home cooked desi style food, cheap and amazing

Tiny place with a not so fancy ambiance. Love how close to home the food here feels. Also brilliant value for money!

Visited first time today, I had the 3 Curries, rice and a nan bread, big portion and the best curry I have tasted. Nice and clean place and helpful staff. Will definitely be back.

Well recommend great curry and can mix 👌🏻👍🏻

Great food at a great price!

Can’t even begin to explain how good this was. You know it’s good when people are queuing outside after 5 minutes

Food is very delicious


Rice and lamb curry. Honestly say no more…😋

Wow wotta hidden gem in Manchester.. This place never disappoints. First n foremost this is a PAKISTANI food n a PAKISTANI restaurant not Indian as it states in the description. PAKISTANI 🇵🇰 remember the name..


Excellent curries in casual restaurant. Generous portions. I would eat here at least once a week if I lived here. Can’t recommend strongly enough.

Great curry best in Manchester

Hidden food gem in the heart of Manchester, traditional rice and three toppings, absolutely delicious and absolutely Manchester. You haven’t seen Manchester unless you have been here, so what are you waiting for?

Amazing vibe, cheap and delicious food. The lamb curry was delicious, so was the chicken tikka masala curry. I would skip the lamb/spinach curry next time, though, I think it’s given me gastric distress. Would definitely go again.

Very decent and tasty. Not for a fancy night out, but good quality and price for a quick meal!

Excellent Indian canteen restaurant. Delicious food that is quick and convenient. Daily menu is on a board on the wall and essentially you buy three dishes and rice for £6.00. On my last visit I had lamb chops, chicken curry, daal, a chapati and rice for £6.30. Opened in 1984 and as popular as ever.

Hidden gem 💎

Yum full as f@rk

(Translated by Google) Delicious and I recommend it

(Original) لذيذ وانصح فيه

Hidden gem 👌

Heard great things about This and That for years and even know the Casual Connoisseur twins who designed a T shirt in homage to their frequent trips to the place. Well worth hunting out (I ended up having to stoop to an all time low and speak to a traffic warden for directions, it’s down alley by Trof in NQ) great food and flavours and not overly hot, great friendly service and a great price, what’s not to like. Kids really liked it to and daughter not that fussed about Indian food usually. Will certainly be going back at some point.

Tasty, cheap and filling. Great food. Cheap. Could do with a bit more imagination with the veggie curry menu. Gets a bit crowded sometimes because it’s so good.

Awesome lunch, “rice and three”

Fab food. Fab staff

Excellent curries, good price, friendly service.

After being recommended for Nihari on Sunday my conclusion this is One of the best hidden gems of Manchester. The tastiest and most affordable Asian/Indian food around. The staff is lovely and very quick.

Good options from both vegetarian and meat dishes to select from. You order at the counter by selecting dishes and then pay for your food. You can then select the salad and garnishing for your food and then take the food plate, cutlery and napkins along with the jug of water etc to your table. This place never disappoints! Remember it’s cash only ! Car payment option is not available.

Bit of a trek to find the pace. Not a fancy place at all but food was nice, luke warm. Staff were very friendly. Overall it is exactly as I expected. Well worth it for a quick and cheap eat.

No fuss, good tasting curry!

Love this place, shame it isn’t closer!

Amazing food, service and prices. Definitely a must every time I’m in Manchester!

Best curry around. Staff are legends. Always come here and always will go back

Fantastic, good, cheap food

This is a great little play in the middle of town (Manchester) no fancy decor but the food is great and that’s what matters. Been going since 1984 and always busy. Rice and three is big on the menu that’s rice and 3 different curries. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

Scrumptious. This place has a perfect blend between well cooked fast food and value for money. I was recommended by a friend to try the rice and 3 curries. It’s well worth the visit

Wow Unbelievable the service and food was amazing

Been coming here on & off for years like many others. You can’t argue with the food for the price.

Incredible spot. Just went there the one time, but had really tasty curry for an unbeatable price. The service was good and you can tell this place is very authentic, no attempts to be hip or trendy. Great on vegetarian/vegan options too!

This & that is a real hidden gem, family run, delicious food (every time) and really cheap!

Good curry at great prices!

Excellent food and excellent quality 👌

Absolute love! I have known this place for a few years now and it’s never disappointed. The spice is right, a great selection of different curries served canteen style. Great atmosphere, real people, gorgeous food and a small price. Stop reading and go there :)

Good prices and nice food. Disappointed with the onion bahjis and naan bread.

Best indian food

Working-class canteen vibes serving delightfully flavourful and heartwarming curry’s. Portions are big enough to get you through the week. Always go for 3 curries for the variety. Never say no to the crispy bhajis on offer.

Very good affordable food, highly recommend.

Decent food at the extra decent prices. A delight.

Delicious curry, very affordable and would highly recommend

amazing food and nice staff

This place is a hidden gem, they do a thing that I have only seen in Manchester (but I suspect has come from other places) called “rice and three”. You have a plate of rice then you choose three of the set menu curries to put on top. They are all made very mild as you add your own chilli and coriander after you buy it. It is also cheap, no fancy trimmings, just a canteen vibe and lovely staff and excellent food. The menu is set and is at the end of the servers bar printed on glass, which shows you how much it doesn’t change.

Hidden jem!

Place doesn’t look too inviting but must admit curry was very tasty!

Beautiful food at a really good price. Lots of choice, even for a vegetarian. I think the onion bhaji was the best I’ve ever tasted.

Top notch grub - defo visit

Very tasty, big portion, great price 😁

Love this place. Food always great and very cheap. No messing around just go in, eat, put your plate back and leave 💯

Amazing food, no ego. Easily my favourite Indian restaurant

Perfect backstreet Indian cafe!

This place serves up fresh, great value food that hits the spot and caters for every diet. The staff are very friendly and lively too which makes a difference.

Recommend coming here after a day in town or post work!

This restaurant was all we wanted - affordable, home made, indian food with fast and friendly service. Not the most amazing indian food but it is amazing for the price. A tad on the spicy side for our children but overall a great experience! And they threw in a free cookie and brownie as well! Great evening out.

Is by far the best place for a curry in Manchester. This and That is probably my most visited restaurant and with good reason. The food is always excellent, the people are so friendly and price is great.

If you haven’t been before, don’t let the canteen style put you off, it only adds to the charm.

Consistently outstanding food I have been going here for years no place beats it the best three curries & rice in Manchester and definitely the best keema in Manchester ! Everyone loves This and That

Best curry cafe in Manchester for decades. And today’s lunch reconfirms this is still the case. Brilliant food. 2 Rice and Three’s, 2 seekh kebabs, 2 chapatis and a can for a ridiculous £17.

Great food

I was so happy to see that this place is still open. It is without doubt the best Indian cuisine in Manchester.

Such good value for money. Really good for a quick meal. The staff are also really nice and helpful

Amazing food amazing prices

Just as I remembered from the early nineties. Food just as good and a nice variety every day. Thursdays are a good day.

Nice little eatery in the middle of Manchester! Great authentic Indian food. Superb value!

Just been down to manchester for family visit big shout out to the staff for fab food to take home to Scotland thank yu.

Cheap and cheerful.

Can’t express what a saviour this place is to have in the northern quarter when your low on funds. Perfect scran for any occasion and you almost don’t want to show anyone in case more people come to it. Veggie options just as good as meat and I’ll never say no to going.

fantastic food, great people

It’s an institution for a reason

Always top class food, what you see is what you get

Saag gosht and keema gosht were stunning. Love the extra chillies at the counter as well. Great texture, spice level and depth of flavour.

Excellent food at low prices

One of Manchester secret back street food places. Many years I have been coming here and seen this place grow to be a must have place for food. Good price quick and easy and will always leave you mouth with a volcano of taste and flavours

Proper nice and proper good value!

Ridiculously good prices for such good food in the center of Manchester. People running it are super nice

What a hidden gem this place is. Lovely authentic food, the price was very reasonable. Will be back!

friendly service, affordable menu and most importantly, tasty food - best curries i’ve had in the city!! and don’t forget to try their £1 mango lassi :) will be coming back for sure

Been going in for nearly 40 years it’s great and I love it.

The best 👌

Excellent food and cheap as chips. Will definitely pay a visit next time I’m on town. 3 curries with rice and chapati and each curry was very tasty.

Consistent high quality food and cheap prices. Friendly service, too. Absolutely recommended 👍

Good food, cheap and comes close to the experience of a cheap eatery in the streets of India with all the added hygiene and cleanliness. Recommend.

One of Manchester secret back street food places. Many years I have been coming here and seen this place grow to be a must have place for food. Good price quick and easy and will always leave you mouth with a volcano of taste and flavours

If you want an authentic Indian curry..then this place is a must go! We LOVE the food from here… consistently amazing. Staff are always really friendly and helpful and we love the option of outside seating.

I adore this restaurant very much. there is a very nice air. The kitcen is superb. the service is dynamic and the crew is trained. The price is modest. profoundly recommend.

After being recommended for Nihari on Sunday my conclusion this is One of the best hidden gems of Manchester. The tastiest and most affordable Asian/Indian food around. The staff is lovely and very quick.

Good options from both vegetarian and meat dishes to select from. You order at the counter by selecting dishes and then pay for your food. You can then select the salad and garnishing for your food and then take the food plate, cutlery and napkins along with the jug of water etc to your table. This place never disappoints! Remember it’s cash only ! Car payment option is not available.

The lamb steak is so tender and juicy, really enjoyed the food and an affordable spot in town. The chef is so friendly makes the atmosphere even better thank you!

Tried for the first time today, and absolutely loved it! one of the best places to eat in manchester, well worth the money and more and extremely friendly staff! can’t wait to return again soon!

Great food, so tasty. Staff were lovely and friendly too. Will be going back soon.

I couldn’t ask more for what I got here, authentic Indian curry, great value and delicious. Very happy having this India cuisine in this diversity city.

This and that is a great place to eat

My family favourite is nihari the Sunday special unfortunately a couple of times they have changed the taste which was disappointing but we went today and it was back to its best

Great food, the tikka masala and the lentil dal were delicious. Also affordable and welcoming staff!

Picture doesn’t do it justice. I have been visiting this place for 15 years and has been probably the most consistently good food place I have ever been to.

Everything was amazing. We tried both, vegetarian and meat options and everything was very tasty. I definitely recommend it. Tasty food, big portions and good prices.

Delicious cheap freshly cooked food- been around fur 30 years . Hidden gem

Gotta say food is better here than most of restaurants I have ever tried! Really authentic flavours. Naan was light & fluffy. Really friendly service ❤️ wish this was in London

This hole in the walk type place has very good Indian food. The people behind are excellent. They may seem cold but understand they are busy. Visit after the rush hour, they are very friendly and warm. In fact they had made fresh kababs just for us. Prices are very reasonable. We visited during Cricket World cup (Jun ‘19) from USA and we still have good memories of this place.

Absolutely loved it ❤

Food was really nice

Staff are great.will defo return soon.👍

Good food, friendly staff, and quick service - all at a very reasonable price!

I’ve been a regular for over 20 years, simply amazing.

Faster than a macdonalds, healthier than a macdonalds, cheaper than a macdonalds, tastier than a macdonalds. Got served a plate full of awesome in 30 seconds.

Nice rice and three. Beautiful and Lovely. Highly rated. Please visit

I’ve only been coming here since 1990… I love it.

Best curry ever, ive been going for over 15 years

Best curry house going

It’s a basic shop but fabulous food

Good staff too

Great food and great service, always a pleasure to see Sohail :)

Great place, great food and value! A hidden gem

Still the best eatery in town. Been coming here since 1983 with the Ferranti gang

Wow! My husband normally has this with the lads at work as a treat on lates once in a while. As the Christmas holidays were upon us. I decided to sample it myself, with the husband tagging along of course ;) I think he would be furious if I left him out, as it is now one of his firm favourites. I have to say, I was completely sold from the first month full. Amazing quality, quantity and value for money. You don’t often see those three words in the same sentence. I can’t wait to try this again and sample some more delights.

Authentic great value tasty food, Corey recommend it more!!

Just an AWESOME experience, and Mo who was serving us was also amazing! Thank you, I’ll defo come again and recommend it!

For the French, Allez-y c’est fantastique! De la vraie cuisine indienne à ce prix, dingue!

The claim is correct. A hidden gem. Well worth seeking out.

This is the must try resturant in Manchester. Great food and great portion which you won’t expected in other resturants in town, esp in such a downtown area. I had lamb and chicken which were really tender and nice. The lamb meat is juicy and tender and tasty, not too spicy. What impressed is the owner who worked in the shop for 35 years and still working during Covid. Even he mentioned the customers were only half of the crowd, he still keeps the same quality of the food. He worth our applause and respect.

Absolutely amazing shop, top Quality products and service.

I have just had my first curry from This and That, It tasted so much I am very impressed, can’t wait to go again.

The place offers a large range of delicious food. I love eating here. Employees are always very welcoming, rates are affordable and the spot is always kept clean.

Delicious food, friendly staff.

Some of the best curry in the city. Well worth the detour for

The best nehari I have ever had .

A hidden gem of Manchester with an array of dishes available. Portions are nice and large and the staff are very friendly. Would highly recommend!

A Manchester institution. Great spot for casual dining. Portions are always generous and the food is spot on.

Always a treat. Warm wholesome food with a good atmosphere. Feels just like home.

Ask for the secret mo mo menu

One of the best hidden gems of Manchester. The tastiest and most affordable Asian/Indian food around. The staff is lovely and very quick.

Good options from both vegetarian and meat dishes to select from. You order at the counter by selecting dishes and then pay for your food. You can then select the salad and garnishing for your food and then take the food plate, cutlery and napkins along with the jug of water etc to your table. This place never disappoints! Remember it’s cash only !

This spot is worth a visit. They have big portions for affordable prices. Consistently neat and with excellent atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.

Amazing food, great people, love it.

Straight forward budget Indian food. Everything I had was tasty. I’ll go again.

Lovely food and staff it’s great when you cannot be asked cooking for 1 while hubby is away for work and can pick up comfort food on your way to work to make your night shift go quicker with good food see you soon

Best place for quick freshly made food. The lamb Nahari on Sundays is better than any I’ve had before.

Ordered a hamper, excellent value for money for such tasty food. The guys that served us were very friendly & welcoming. This will NOT be our last visit.

Amazing food, nothing more to say, it’s a must, get yourself down there for the most tasty food at cheap prices, you will not be disappointed x

Amazing place highly recommend the food best place ever

All ways fresh food you can get from thus place

Great value good food

The food was absolutely amazing and the owners were extremely friendly and kind! Will surely come back to this place!

The three curries dish is a must.

Wife and I decided on This and That for Sunday lunch.

Rice and three meats / Rice, two meats and one Veg / garlic naan / 2 bhajis / two cans - £16.80

Fantastic value, probably the tastiest Indian take away in the City!

The lamb nahari and the lamb w/ spinach were excellent!

Thank you guys

Already made curry dishes. Got tasty and fresh. Not spicy but sauces available. Good value and quick

Best scran in Manchester.

Love the food. Staff is really nice and caring. A place with history and rich flavours. Busy during lunch time.

Believe the hype. The best curry in town

Just as I remembered from the early nineties. Food just a just and a nice variety every day. Thursdays are a good day.

It’s not just about the food which is just plain tasty by the way, it’s about the people behind the counter as well. Though I’ve only been in only a couple of times as I’m travelling from Glasgow the staff are genuinely nice people.

It’s not just about money in this place as they can charge more than what they are charging as it is completely worth it. I’ve a feeling they’re doing this for the community they are in so more people can afford it.

While walking past other shops that are quiet which is a shame in these COVID stricken times ,there is a slow steady stream of customers coming into this establishment.

Maybe not just for the food I’ve witnessed but for the natter and feeling of family you get from mo and Ismail.

I’m pretty well travelled and have ate in a lot of places but the kebab here must be one of the best value ones in the uk. None of that mushed fake Lamb gubbins they serve elsewhere but here it’s proper meat that’s been cooked on a skewer then chargrilled.

Will be back.

Fantastic gem, should not be overlooked if you like curry

Tucked away down a tiny back street is this gem. The food is simple & down to earth, with no frills, but it is absolutely top notch. You must go here. 👍

Nice fish and chips. Fast service. Not a big menu to choose from . The place has just been refurbished. Looks nice. Absolutely first class. Traditional fish and chips easily the best in the area. In fact these are the best fish and chips I’ve had, and I’ve had a few.

The food was amazing, and the staff/owners were very helpfull, next time im in Manchester I will definitely return.

Awesome food , desi memories 😋

Excellent food and cheap! Traditionally cooked- been around for 20 plus years

This place is no doubt the best and most authentic indian food there is in the entire Manchester or maybe UK. If you’re not scared of spice, come to this place. It might not have the best interior and setup but come here for food and not for vibe! Just the flavors and spices make up for everything! Totally would eat here everyday if I can.

Fantastic sport hidden away in Manchester. Food here is authentic and very homely. Around lunchtime it is almost impossible to find a place to sit. it is cafeteria style sit down so you may sit with a few strangers. You could take your food to go. But this is definitely finger licking good for veg option or non veg option.

THE BEST!!!!So lucky to have bumped into this little Gem!Amazing food, friendly staff, incredible value for money! …


So lucky to have bumped into this little Gem!

Amazing food, friendly staff, incredible value for money!

I wish there will be a place like this in Glasgow!

cannot wait to go back and try all the delicious dishes!!!!

THANKS A LOT THIS AND THAT! you are the best!

Abousltley brilliant food went with my daughter and grandaughter will definitely go again

Great and cheap Indian cuisine, lovely employees. Will definitely come back!

Been going here for years, great when you fancy a lunch time curry, always worth a visit!

Freshly made homey Indian food

Great little place that serves rice and curry. Plenty of different choice of curries on offer as well as kebabs and samosas however their speciality is rice and curry. Mix and match meat and vegetable curries to create a fusion of different flavours. Their reputation and popularity has spread by word of mouth which is the best form of advertising.

Amazing food, amazing people, I’ve come here over the years now and it’s still is one of the best spots for some authentic Indian food. If you are ever in Manchester check this place out, you won’t regret it and the prices are so reasonable also.

I heard about this place a lot was visiting Manchester thought give it try great price and good portion of food hard to find food is ok nothing really special more hidden gems like this place in Yorkshire the food I’m used to.

Awesome food

Good food. Reasonably priced

Had a lovely meal very friendly staff highly recommended that is if you could find the place hidden gem

All I can say is that i genuinely can’t enjoy food from other restaurants now I have eaten here, the only place I have ate curry in the last 4 years

Lovely people, lovely food, amazingly cheap

Good place for casual South Asian food. The place gets busy from 12 pm onwards and become hard to find a seat. Overall very good place for people from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Never been here.!

Saturday august the 08th at Bolton train station at appx 10.30 pm. One of your staff kindly got us a cab to Bury and helped us out with some change to give to the taxi driver for our journey when we thought we didnt have enough.

Bravo to you my friend and will one day soon pay the same respect to you .

Thank you so very much you are a true gentleman.

Amazing food, great value, lovely people. Highly recommend!

Best curry in manni

Hats off for the food it was brilliant, highly recommend this place!!!

One of my favourite places for a quick varied curry in Manchester City centre. All food is kept hot and you pick and choose. Authentic. Lots of vegetarian options. Shared tables. Tucked away down a side street. Don’t take your maiden aunt.

Decent food at a reasonable price

Amazing Currys. Very good quality food served in a spontaneous staff environment. Love to have my lunch breaks there.

Tasty food. Excellent value. Vegetarian / vegan options. Great ambience and you get your food in a flash. No nonsense. Highly recommended.

Cheap and tasty food. We spent no more than 5.5£ per person and we were full and satisfied. The dishes we tried: chicken curry, lamb karahi, chick peas, rice and onion baji. Everything was perfect except for the fact that the baji was at room temperature. Recommended.

Highly recommended

Would surely recommend visiting this place. Great ambience, delightful food, awesome service. Highly recommended.

Always excellent food

The most economical and the best match to the desi taste buds!!!!!

Top food. Can’t beat it

heard so much about this place and finally managed to find it. on first looks it seems like a place not to be trusted but this family business is amazing and has so many multiple food awards and once you taste the food you know why that is so you don’t mind paying that slightly higher price. The portion sizes are great and the I always get the the same dish and its just perfect and you can tell others are enjoying them selves too. great atmosphere of everyone loving food and its one of very few places where I have seem so many people from different ethnic backgrounds go and enjoy the same food. PERFECT

Great food at this place

Wonderful curry and lovely staff. Let me off a quid when I didn’t have the right change too

Best secret back alley place in Manchester!

Worth every penny spent. Awesome delicious hot Indian food. Highly recommended.

Excellent food at a great price. Nice atmosphere.

Never disappoints. Rice and three veggie curries for £4.50 served with a smile. What more can I say! Fast food at its finest

Fantastic authentic curry selection. Simple menu but still enough options.

A staple! I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about this restaurant, it is one of my favourite places and arguably the best curry in Manchester! I have eaten here more times than I could count, at some points twice in the same week! Amazing quality and GREAT value for money.

Still the best food at a great price.

Love this place, decent food tucked away in a side street. Has been there for many years. Definitely recommend.

Friendly, informal with lovely food. Not oily and only mildly spicy but very tasty

Always reliable, good honest food, authentic, and value for money. Very cafeteria in its style, basic decor and furniture. Great for a quick lunch. For this location, northern quarter, it is the best Indian offering for lunchtimes.

If you want tasty and cheap food in the middle of the Manchester city centre, this is the go to place.

So glad I called in to try after reading about this place. I only wish we had something similar up in the Newcastle area. Absolutely fantastic food and great value for money too

Great place hidden on Soap Street. Fantastic choice of curries, lots of possible combinations; rice with three vegetable curries or two veg one meat, two meat one veg or three meat. Around a fiver depending on combination. Add a fresh roti for 80p. One of the best curry houses in central Manchester. Well worth a visit…

Food ok I couldn’t all reasonable priced . Was my 1st.time there

This hidden gem is the best known of several similar outlets in Manchester’s northern quarter. Don’t let the plastic chairs and Formica tables put you off, the food is amazing. Nothing like your usual Indian restaurant, these curries are proper, no-nonsense, delicious and spicy. Feels like authentic food. Always a choice with good veggie selection. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Outstanding quality and quantity. Got there at quarter past 4 on Monday on our way to the Iron Maiden concert. A full, and I mean full, plate of 4 curries with rice for £5.50. It’s no frills but it doesn’t need any, the food speaks for itself. Quite tricky to find, but worth persevering for. I’ll be back.

Great food, affordable prices. Definitely I will come back again.

Highly recommended! Freshly cooked daily, you’ll want to go back, amazing price!

My favourite place. I go once a week. Friendly people and great vegan options

Terrific hole in the wall joint, no frills just excellent comfort food. Dishes rotate daily, so you’ll never be bored with multiple visits.

Excellent food and excellent service I would definitely recommend this restaurant

A really good & cheap Indian place. Everything’s basically under £6. Amazing people, great service.

One of my favourite rice and 3 curry places in the NQ. Amazing value and authentic.

Top quality authentic no frills dining experience. Slightly tricky to find, down an alleyway, but well worth it. Three curries and rice. You can’t go wrong.

Great food, great service, great prices! Down a small street and maybe doesn’t look much from outside, but don’t let that put you off!

Is a nice place, for a quick and cheap food. However is quite hidden away. But the staff is nice and is worth visiting.

Best curry in Manchester by a mile

Best small restaurant in manchester staff friendly food excellent prices very reasonable

My grandson loves it

Tasty and very authentic food. They were happy to give when asked for some extra Curry. Will recommend at least once. I couldn’t find such a tasty Lamb Nehair anywhere else

You won’t find a better meal for a fiver.

Amazing place, great value, very tasty, no frills, just lovely food.

Hidden gem. Best value for money. Sunday nehari is the best

Delicious curry, cheap, good portions. The people are nice and friendly and I love the atmosphere there.

best curry in manchester! came back twice for this. awesome food at great price!

Well if you are visitor or a local of manchester and you dont know this place. Then I must say you haven’t researched the places to eat in Manchester. If you read the reviews on trip advisor you will know what I mean. Place has been refurbished in the last year. They serve set items on set days.

Good food with less spices n nice n warm place.

Lovely people, amazing food. Highly recommend

This was so good that I forgot to take a photo before hand.


Great value for money. Real basic layout. 3 choices of curry and rice - top price £6.50

tasty curry. nice people

Good curry, great price. Hidden gem. Very straightforward cafeteria-esque system, you get your food fast and cheap.

A Manc institution and quite rightly so. Great food, great prices.

Loved this place! Cash only. Good food. Very cheap.

As good as it was 20years ago, just could do with a few mild curries getting a wimp in my 40s but always enjoy a blast when I visit Manchester from Bolton with my twin x

Greatest rice and 3 in Manchester! Choose rice and a choice of 3 seperate curries for around £5. You can’t go wrong

Usually I hit up the lamb dishes these days. Be sure to sprinkle plenty of chopped onions. It’s cheap and cheerful but very delicious and feels nourishing.

Amazing curries for a fair price with lovely people in a chilled atmosphere

Delicious food made by the same family since 1984. Friendly, welcoming staff, generous portions around a fiver. A hidden gem.

It is an Indian restaurant run by an Indian from Gujrat.The restaurant is a very ordinary joint.Food is fresh and decent.The team serving there is quite courteous.Both Veg and Non Veg food is served with limited choice. It is more like a set menu at a reasonable cost.

Back here for the first time this Century, accompanied by a 20 year old daughter i didn’t even have back then! Spent nearly every lunchtime of my early working life here and its great to see the spirit and food hasn’t changed one bit. Still the best - Daughter was equally impressed.

Squashed and a little uncomfortable, but the food is fabulous and very very cheap, for such a central location. Will be back, many times

Exceptional quality food. Cheap and filling.

Absolutely delicious.

Nice indian food in the city of Manchester. Located very near to the northern quarter area, this place serves the freshly cooked rotis along with indian curries and rice. Very reasonable in terms of pricing and it’s a nice option if you are looking for curries and rice in Manchester.

Hands down, the best vegetarian curries in Manchester also the cheapest I have found. They cycle through different dishes throughout the week so you get something a little different from one day to the next. Yum yum in my tum!

I got to This & That every working day for a rice and three veg curry and a chapatti for £4.20 - it is amazing. I have been going for over 20 years and have never got bored! The decor is simple and functional but the food is amazing. Proper healthy curry like your mum would make! And the staff are friendly too. I can’t recommend This & That enough :)

Good if you want a dash lunch with no frills!

Ive been here about 4/5 times now. The food generally is pretty tasty, you get big plate fulls too. However, the seating is very limited due to the size of the restaurant, quite often you are squeezed up close to other people and don’t have any elbow room. Once you’re done you should leave as people will need you too move as it gets so busy.

Good if you want a dash lunch with no frills!

Always been my favourite place. Rice and 3 for under £7. Fresh roti. It’s just the best place.

Heard a lot about here. didnt let us down.. really good food.

Lamb Nihari on a Sunday is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The best of the ‘Rice & 3’ places in the Northern Quarter.

the absolute best way to describe this place is - you know walking home you smell some great cooking and you wish you could be invited in, but you arent and you go home and order a take out but its resturant food and not anything like the home cooking…. WELL THIS PLACE DOES INVITE YOU IN. IT IS THE GREAT HOME COOKED SMELL YOUR SMELLING. I kept hearing great things. From everyone from every walk of life. it is exceptional. everyone is welcome and everyone will love what they have cooked. Home cooked style. so incredibly good value. such amazingly kind and dedicated people.

Cheap, fast, beautiful food and great staff.

Almost don’t want to leave a review because it’s tucked out of the way down an alley, and feels like your own little secret curry place. Fantastic value for money though, and delicious authentic Indian food. No messin’

An unpretentious little restaurant, easy to miss down an alleyway. Great tasting food and the staff were really friendly - the prices were very reasonable too.

We went to ‘This & That’s yesterday (Friday) at around 3pm - instantly welcomed by the staff, and we were even given samples of the food to make sure it wasn’t too spicy for us before we ordered. The food was incredible, and the service was first-class. A great little independent restaurant which deserves to be visited by anyone looking for authentic, great-tasting Indian food. 5-stars!

I really enjoyed it. Is a very simple indian place with home mad currys meals. They all taste good and seems to be cooked in an authentic way. There is a menu which changes for every day of the week. For the quality is absolutely cheap

Amazing food, lovely friendly people.

Best curry in Manchester!

Practically a Mancunian institute and you should eat here at least once in your life if you live in the city. It won’t be the best curry you’ve ever had, or the most grandiose place you’ve ever eaten but you will get great tasting food at a great price. Serving since 1984 and there is a reason they’ve been open for over 30 yearsMenu choices vary depending on day of the week, good vegetarian options.

Always great, food tastes wonderful and good portions.

A really authentic treat. Excellent value, super food cooked to perfection in a no frills, central, ‘hidden’ location.

Please please do a This and That Recipe book!

Have been going to This and That with my Mum since the 80’s. We don’t live in Manchester anymore so we always stop by when we’re in town. I love the food here so much. Friendly warm and genuine place. You don’t truly know Manchester until you’ve been here!!

Rice and three, great veggie food and meat options too.Great Value.

Please please do a This and That Recipe book!

Great traditional Asian food served to any and all groups of people from Asian families to besuited business men alike.

Just brilliant. Tasty and cheap. Chef is a massive BWFC supporter too.

Serves the best curries in the country at an absolute bargain of value for money. I’ll happily travel over from Liverpool just to come get some for lunch since the price is so cheap and the food is so good.

Amazing food for a very good price 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 dont be fooled by the basic set up and plastic chairs etc. This is a good meal served hot and fresh. Lovely.

Excellent curries, a 30- year old Northern Quarter legend for a good reason. There is a good selection of both vegetable and meat curries, with 3 curries on rice costing between 4-6£, it’s value for money and absolutely delicious to boot. And the portions huge as well, what’s not to love?! :))

It’s a great taste with a great value

Reasonabley priced great food.

Such good food v cheap, must go

Amazing food can’t recommend it enough.

Fantastic place. No frills, top quality food at very very reasonable prices. I’ll definitely be returning.

Fantastic food and price

Fantastic place. Been going here for ages. It just keeps getting better. Shame I don’t work in Manchester anymore otherwise I’d be in here 3 times a week. My only place for lunch when I’m in town. My favourite day is Tuesday, but you’ll find something each day to tantalise your taste buds. Staff are really friendly and the food is great. Get there soon. You’ll enjoy!

Great food , good price, veggie curry’s suitable for vegans

Amazing food, and brilliant staff. I have been going here for years and the service has always been fantastic.

Just tried liver and kidney, amazing

Everything they say about this place is true!

It’s not fancy but by god it tastes nice!

It gets busy at dinner time but is well worth the wait!

Amazing food. Would recommend getting at least one veg. With 2 meat. Typical order is rice 2 meat and 1 veg. Only 5 pound for 2 veg and 1 meat!!!

Amazing food. Not only for the price but hands down. Especially in the very heart of the city centre.

Always a diverse mix of people eating here proves how popular it is with everyone.

Highly recommended.

Amazing. More food than you can eat for under a fiver!? And all delicious!? Sign me up. I’ve been here a few times and the choice of the rice and three is always great. 10/10.

Great curries. Simple tasty. Welcoming staff. A must of a quirky place if you are visiting Manchester

Really good value for money as the portions are huge compared to the price you’re paying though the taste of the food is on a blander end of the spectrum and the ventilation could use some improvement.

Brilliant place, great selection and seriously good value, the food is superb

Best rice and three in town.

What can I say? No frills but unbelievable value. 4 curries and rice on one plate for £5.50. We arrived at 16:15 and had the same choice as on the menu. Fresh cooked rice whilst we waited. Friendly staff who certainly know how to make you welcome. Huge portions at low prices, I’ll be back next time I’m oop north!!

The place looks a little bit old from outside but the food is delicious, i strongly recommend it. However, you cannot pay via credit card, only cash.

Great food!

My first visit will definitely not be the last. Great asian diner. Fantastic tasty currys. Great value. 3 currys, rice and nan for £7. Food was full of flavour. Will be returning.

Loved it, you’ve gotta try this place.

Very nice rice and three. Great price. Will be back . Would recommend. Excellent

Love this place! Great owners and we love the atmosphere inside. The food is always amazing.

Authentic Indian style rice and verities of curry..served by experienced chef. good food in the heart of Manchester

No better place to eat in Manchester for less than a fiver, genuinely the best curry you can buy too. The curry mile can run a mile.

Canteen style, cheap and cheerful. Always atleast 3 veggie curries.

Wonderful home cooked food, spices just right and curry not swimming in oil. Certainly go there again.

Lovely cosy place. The curries are amazing they taste just like homemade ones.

Not been for years still as good as I remember .. rice and 3 in a canteen style … great value

Amazing food. Will give 5 stars when the walls are cleaned :(

Simple, good quality food. Served fresh in a communal environment. One of Manchester’s hidden little gems

Yummy and cheap. Pay the man, take your food, seat yourself, eat, enjoy. Total hole-in-the-wall and totally great.

A little hidden gem in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Good quality food for a bargain price. Staff are lovely too. I will definitely be going back!

Dont be fooled by the dodgy side street entrance… Amazing service and delicious food. You are basically an arse if you find something to complain about. Will make this a regular eating spot.

Great curries and affordable too. Well worth a visit! No frills.

Consistently awesome for decades! Really nice staff too. Cheap as chips and the food is better than most Indian restaurants in Manchester.

Very tasty food in a ‘no frills’ environment which suited us fine. The staff were incredibly friendly and genuine. It came to £18 for three large plates of food, a Nan bread, onion barji and a coke!

Delicious curries. Great for a quick meal, lunch deal is £3.90 for 3 vegetarian/vegan curries with rice (costs more for meat). Will definitely be coming back

Absolutely love this place. Getting my lunch here regularly because of its vicinity, value for money, friendly staff and delicious curry.

Amazing curry and amazing prices!

Rice and 3 Curry’s, hearty traditional meals, very tasty and affordable

Love this place. Great prices and excellent food

Best hotel I ever ate in Manchester. It serves authentic Indian food.

No waiting, treated well and the food was as good as it gets. Well worth a visit. Will definitely be coming here more often.

Best rice and three place in town

The original Rice and Three Curries cafe. Brilliant!


3, Soap St,
The Northern Quarter,
M4 1EW

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Opening Times

Friday & Saturday
11:30am to 9:00pm

Sunday - Thursday
11:30am to 8:00pm