A Love Letter to This & That: Manchester’s greatest dinner spot The Manc

The kings of curry!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting This & That then you’re missing out on one of Manchester’s ultimate hidden gems.

Hidden down an unassuming back alley in the Northern Quarter near Trof, this family run business has been serving Mancs some of the best curry this side of India since 1984.

You’ve probably walked past it a thousand times and been none the wiser to the curry mastery that’s happening just yards away. However, once you step through that door and order your first rice ‘n’ three, you’ll be back on those communal benches for another scran as soon as is physically possible.

If you’re not familiar with a rice ‘n’ three, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a portion of rice served with three curries of your choice.

At This & That the curries rotate daily, with approximately 8-10 different options available on any given day, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. The food is homemade and prepared using fresh whole spices, which gives the dishes their authentic taste and flavour.

And they are all incredible. I must have eaten there hundreds of times and I’ve never had a bad curry, from the keema (a personal favourite) to the spinach and potato, chana (chickpea), lamb steak, fish curry, all the way to their chicken curry and beyond, it’s all 10/10.

Another great thing about This & That is the price, us Mancs love a bargain and you’ll find plenty of those down here. Rice and three veg curries will set you back a mere £4.50, while at the other end rice and three meat will cost you just £6.50 (different combinations of meat and veg will cost you either £5, £5.50 or £6, depending how meat-heavy you go).

My personal highlight is always the additional toppings you can whack on top of your curry for no extra cost, including coriander, onions and chopped fresh green chilli (the more the merrier for me).

This & That is located at 3 Soap Street, Manchester M4 1EW so get yourself down there - you can thank me later.

You can keep up to date with what they’re doing on their Facebook page here, and for the full menu and opening times head over to their website.